The Northern Pen is a conference which combines music and prose into a description of people's relationship to place. Our resources are dedicated to helping young writers and composers hone their crafts, develop as collaborate artists, and understand how they fit into the communities and natural environments that inspire them.

The primary activity of the conference will be the creation of new works of prose and music. Students will enjoy time dedicated to writing in the beautiful natural environment surrounding the conference center. They will benefit from the personalized feedback of award-winning author Matthew Dickerson and composer Michael Dickerson, and they will gain new skills and perspectives through interactive workshops led by interdisciplinary artist Hollis Mickey. Finally, they will have opportunities to present their work during the conference in collaboration with their peers, as well as after the conference in radio broadcasts, museum performances, and gallery presentations. The Northern Pen will give young artists support as they define and realize their artistic visions.

The conference center is nestled in the Matanuska Valley between the Chugach and Talkeetna Mountains, just ten minutes away from the spectacular Matanuska Glacier. There will be various activities and excursions to take advantage of the beautiful surrounding wilderness.

See the Costs page for details regarding enrollment.